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Mum of 1

Weaning help! My little one keeps gagging. How do I know if they're okay?

That must of been really scary for you. So gagging is a normal process of their weaning journey.

Some will gag more than others, it is super scary when they do. Coughing is always a good sign. If your baby ever goes quiet or blue they are choking.

So, if you feel comfortable to carry on with finger foods…

Make sure finger foods are super super soft - like you can squish it between your fingers. You can also eat with them and role model how to chew and eat. The early stages are all about new tastes and learning how to eat.

I hope this helps.

I have been using Charlotte Stirling-Reed’s book: How to Wean your Baby. I love it.

Pregnant mum of 3

Hi! It’s so hard when they gag, it is a normal process of weaning. As long as they are making noise, pink and coughing haha leave him to it and he will bring it up.

Choking is silent and they struggle to breathe.

Make sure the food is easily mushable with two fingers. I boil for 15 minutes. I offer finger food and purée at the same time.

Keep trying! You’re doing so well.