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I’m 25 weeks pregnant and today I’ve had a pulling aching pain at the top of my stomach and bottom. It’s gone off and then comes back, and baby has been moving a little but not as much as she usually does.

I can’t stop worrying, stressing, and overthinking. Is there anything I should be doing?

I would suggest you call your midwife if you feel stressed. Stressing out about the pain will only make it worse, and the baby trying to 'give you some rest' will be quieter than usual and the stress will increase.

It’s like a circle! Talk to someone who could give you advice on the nature of your discomfort and also ease your mind!

Mum of 1

As a general rule, anytime you notice a change in baby’s activity like that, it’s always worth communicating it to your midwife.

As for the pain at the top of your stomach, there are several non-emergent, perfectly normal reasons for pain in this area, but I’d also recommend communicating it to your midwife so they can monitor it over time. It could be stretching tissue, acid reflux, etc. but these things should always be communicated.

It might be nothing, but it's always better to be safe, right!?