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I'm wondering if anyone has had the same as me: my daughter is 11 months old and she says 'dada', 'wow', 'cool', 'nana' and lots of other words but she doesn’t say 'mama' yet. Anyone else had this or heard of this before?

Yes I had the same with my little girl. She’s 23 months now and for ages was saying words like daddy, nanny, car, door etc., but wasn’t saying 'mummy'.

I tried not to worry too much as many friends and family told me it’s totally normal and I knew deep down she’d get there in her own time. Sure enough four to five months ago she started saying 'mummy' with the biggest smile on her face!

It was like she’d been saving it up for the big reveal! Since she started saying 'mummy' it’s her most used and favourite word! As it was such a novelty at first I would be at her beckon call the minute she said my name, they’re cleverer than we realise!

It still melts my heart every time. It’s the most amazing & magical thing when they finally say it, so just relax and enjoy knowing that your little one will say 'mama' in her own precious time.