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What's the difference between midwife and antenatal appointments?

You won’t need to go to the hospital for midwife appointments. They just go through your current stage of pregnancy and ask how you’re feeling and just check in, letting you ask any questions. They also do urine tests and blood tests if needed.

I’m guessing the hospital appointment will be your 20 week scan, but you will have to ask what the other appointment is for. I know they routinely test for glucose tolerance but that date seems a bit early as it’s usually down between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant mum

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Antenatal clinic appointments are there for when there are potential risks in your pregnancy that you may need to see a doctor for. Are you classed as a high risk for any reason?

Or it could be your next anatomy scan as they can be put down like that at times.

Great question- there is SO much confusion around antenatal plans and care pathways!

I think your separate dates will be for your booking appointment and your booking scan.

Your booking appointment is with a midwife who asks a bunch of questions and takes some bloods, then the scan is to check baby on an ultrasound.

Usually the letter would say one is in the antenatal department and the other would be in the imaging or ultrasound department though?

Hope this helps!

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