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I'm experiencing heart palpitations. Any advice?

I was also experiencing palpitations throughout early pregnancy and was found to have a low thyroid that we think may have been contributing to it.

Have you spoken to your own GP? I think they will be well placed to give you more insights and do some preliminary investigations. Most of the time these are all negative but it’s good to get checked out and put your mind at ease! I hope this helps.

Pregnant mum of 2
Mum of 1

I had this a bit throughout pregnancy and for me it was always related to hydration!

When I first communicated the symptom to my doctor she said first to try increasing my water intake daily and it resolved it. So the heart palpitations became a sign for me to drink more water!

It’s important to slowly sip throughout the day rather than chug to catch up.

Also, I still have this symptom postpartum while breastfeeding and I’ve been told it’s very common because it’s so easy for breastfeeding moms to get dehydrated. So just a tip for the future.

Oh, and I’ll also say it’s always important to communicate new symptoms like this with your doctor or midwife just to be on the safe side and so they can monitor it if anything changes.