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My baby is six weeks old - when should I be looking to start a rough bedtime routine?

Friends have said I can start now and should stick to 9.30pm bedtime every night. He’s pretty good at sleeping for four to five hours at the moment and I tend to wake him for two feeds during the night and nappy changes.

I'm probably on the very relaxed end of sleep schedules (but that's just because my life situation allows that, I know that one size doesn't fit all!)

But the advice I was given was to not worry too much about sleep schedules in the fourth trimester (up until 12 weeks). Before then, they're unlikely to be able to keep a regular sleep pattern.

As far as a routine - meaning a few things that always happen before bedtime - go for it! That may help build sleep associations. But I'd say keep the routine simple. Like less than 10-15 minutes. Otherwise it will just feel too burdensome to actually do consistently. So like diaper change, pajamas, and a song.

Anyways, I'm not an expert, but just some thoughts.