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How can I remain calm when my toddler is overwhelmed?

Toddler tantrums are really challenging and often very emotional for us too. I really do feel for you. My first son had really big tantrums.

Firstly, I would make sure your toddler is in a safe place.

Acknowledge they're upset and then if you need to, tell them that you are going to go and sit on the sofa for a minute to calm down. This is also really good role modelling for them. So, when they get upset they can learn to find a place of calm.

Reassure them that mummy is here and that they can have a cuddle whenever they are ready. Keep reassuring them.

Take a deep breathe and try and meet the tantrum with a calm head (so much easier said than done).

They just need to ride out the emotions but they need to know they are heard, understood and that mummy/daddy is there for them at the end of it.

You can talk to them about the issue at another time of calm. Whatever the issue us - brushing teeth, going to bed - some things you can find in books and are a good way of talking through these experiences.

I hope this helps a little.

Pregnant mum of 3