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My three week old is suffering with trapped wind. We have changed her bottles and she seems to be doing alot better but she cries and screams at least once a day straining to push the wind out. We have tried infacol but that seems to make her bring her milk up. Anyone have any suggestions?

A few things that can help with getting the gas out:

- Belly massaging (gently massage in a clockwise motion around their belly during bath time or when they’re relaxed)

- Bicycling their legs (lay baby on back and either bend their knees up to their chest and pulse gently or alternate their legs like their riding a bike)

- The Windi gas tube by Baby Frida! You can gently insert into the rectum and you’ll hear the gas whistle right out - I will caution you to have a diaper under them for this though because my son would often poop after the air got out. He was a HAPPY lil guy afterward!!

Hope some of these tips help!

Mum of 1

I don’t know if this will help but both my boys had these problems and I had to work through a few things before I landed on what works for them.

For one it was just the formula I was using - I moved him from Aptamil to Hipp Organic and he was fine.

My other wee boy I had to try a few different brands of bottles landed on the Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic ones with the bit inside and Infacol. I had also tried Dr Brown’s and MAM bottles too.

I also tried loads of different ways/positions to wind them - up and quite far over the shoulder was a winner for one and the other just sat and got his back rubbed.

Fingers crossed you find what works soon - it is horrible to see them struggle with wind.