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Has anyone experienced breath holding with your baby?

Firstly poor you! How frightening for you!

My daughter didn’t do this as a baby but has done breath holding since her toddler days, whenever she gets very upset she will hold her breath and look a little blue (she never lost consciousness though)! But it still scared me!

I tried to keep her as calm as possible, preempting things that may trigger her and to try to talk calmly and pacify her enough to prevent a full blown breath-holding attack. I realise this is much easier when they can talk/understand you fully though!

Have you spoken with your own GP about it? They can help to reassure you from the clinical side of things and it may be worthwhile running it by them in the first instance especially given the fact she lost consciousness.

And can you pin the episodes to anything in particular that she finds especially upsetting?

The good news is they definitely grow out of it and it gets easier with age I promise!

Hope this helps x

Pregnant mum of 2
Pregnant mum of 3

Hi, I haven’t experienced it with my own children but have heard of friends with older children. I can imagine it would be very scary to see your little one doing this. I would recommend speaking to your GP about it.

I would try and stay calm and flag any situations or triggers early to prevent your baby becoming too distressed. I can understand this may be easier said than done! I hope you are ok.