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Does anyone have any ideas of how to play with an almost three month old? I just feel he's not getting enough stimulation. 😔 Any tips on encouraging more tummy time to as he hates it? I've bought a lamaze spin toy but its not arriving till next week and it apparently encourages baby to stay on tummy longer so in the meantime, if anyone has any play ideas and ways to help him wanna lie on his tummy, I'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Babies generally hate their tummy time until they're six months old. So don’t worry - it’s up to you to build his muscles and he won’t like it for some time. Try doing 20 seconds first and slowly increasing it day by day. Give him time, it’s not a competition.

As for the toys - we have Visual Stimuli cards from Amazon - just black and white cards that really grasp a baby’s attention. Rattles can work for a few moments as well. Also a toy that moves - something on the wheels like a duckling, that you move in front of your baby can help him focus on something else.

Also, there are sensory cubes with mirrors etc - I think Mushie and Scandibørn has those.

As for other toys, we had a Fisher Price baby gym and my twins loved it! It played some tunes and had some lights, it was enough stimuli for them.

Until six months this is pretty much it. Babies don’t need much.

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You can roll up a towel under his chest, have you tried that? Or go on your tummy with him?

He hates it because it’s hard for him at the moment and he's getting tired quickly, but just keep going, a minute longer every time.

My kids loved seeing moving toy cars in front of them during tummy time.