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Pregnant mum of 1

Any suggestions for heartburn please? UK products. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and miserable.

I've totally been there! Have you tried Rennie tablets? I used to chew them like sweets! Also, little meals often rather than big ones, and try to stay upright after eating if you can.

Pregnant mum of 3

I think you can use Rennies or Gaviscon.

I would also try to avoid acid-rich foods, like juices/citrus fruits and fatty rich foods like curries or spicy foods.

Try and eat slowly, in smaller portions, and avoid larger meals. You could eat smaller and then always go back a bit later if you're still hungry.

I hope this helps a little.

I had heartburn too when I was pregnant and I realised it depended on the food I had.

Lighter and healthier food, and especially salads and fruit, helped me feel better.