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My five year old won’t stay in his bed. Help!

Oh my goodness. I hear you! You must be exhausted!! Disturbed nights are just the worst.

Please know you are not alone and it will get better. 🤞 They do all go through little patches like this. Is this recent night waking or has it been going on for a while? Do you think it is related to starting school again?

A few things you could try…

So, you could start by having a chat with him and see if he can articulate why he is coming out of bed in the night. Is it because he is afraid of the dark? Meet his anxieties with understanding. Before he goes to bed one night or at a time of calm you could try and come up with a plan together… maybe a cool new night light or leave the hall light on. See if he can come up with a plan that you can follow through together.

You could also try repeatedly walking your five year old back to bed with minimum discussion. This is so tough when you are absolutely exhausted. Maybe you and your partner can take it in turns. If you are clear and consistent, eventually he should get the idea.

You could also find some books to read about staying in bed at bedtime.

Another thing you could try... a reward chart. It is not for everyone. We tried it for a little bit with the boys when they wouldn’t go to bed. My boys love space. So, I made a space chart. They got an astronaut every night they went to sleep well. When they got to the moon they could choose a fun activity to do on the weekend. Like waffles for breakfast or a bike ride with daddy, they got to choose. It did work for us for a while. You have to stay consistent with it. We don’t do it anymore.

I really do feel for you and I do hope you get some sleep soon! Good luck, you’ve got this 👍💕

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