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I’m pregnant with my third baby, do any other mums know if after-birth pain is worse third time around?

I haven’t had three babies but just wanted to share my own experience in case it is of help!

My after pains were definitely worse after my second, however friends of mine who’ve had three definitely said they were no worse after number three.

Hopefully this helps you!

Pregnant mum of 2

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

After pains are said to get worse with the more children you get as the uterus has to work a little bit harder to get back to its original state. Make sure you take regular pain killers and let the midwives know if it is getting too painful.

I had them bad with my first and it was worst when breastfeeding! I found a hot water bottle on my back helped. And drinking lots of water and good post birth nutrition (after your tea and toast obviously) really helps as well!