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I have quite an embarrassing question and I'm not sure where to go with it... I'm only 15 weeks pregnant currently but I've noticed a small hard lump/nodule at the opening of my vagina (at the front only and about pea sized). It almost feels like my vaginal wall has slipped out a bit, if that makes any sense. It doesn't bother me day to day but actually is quite uncomfortable during sex.

Have you got any advice to offer? Would you suggest getting an exam from my midwife or consultant?

I would definitely go to your GP to be checked to check what the cause is. 12-15 weeks is when you have the most relaxin so it could be a form of prolapse but you need to have it checked.

Is it your first pregnancy?

The midwife might just refer you to the GP/consultant so it might be easier just to bypass. You could always call the midwife and see what they say.

Good luck. And congrats on the pregnancy.

Octavia, Tinto Expert