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Hey mamas, I have a four month old baby girl and ever since I had my baby I’ve become distant from my partner.

I haven’t been cooking the big meals to or cleaning the way I used to since my girl has my attention all the time. My partner is traditional when it comes to meals and house cleaning and I’m afraid he might leave me.

What can I do to maintain my relationship with him? He works night shifts and is barely spending time with me. He’s also became very judgy with how I am with the household. He doesn’t understand how much a baby changed me.

I think you both need to sit down and have a chat about how you're both feeling.

It took me having a breakdown because I felt my husband expected me to do XYZ as well as looking after the baby and he realised that our son commands most of my attention and it’s not as if I’m at home all day sitting about.

Babies do change relationships and we definitely struggled for a while but we now realise we can only do so much and he does need to help more.

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