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Pregnant mum

My baby has a cold, snotty nose and coughs when lying down. He also makes a bit of a face that could be indicating a sore throat. I’ve been using a nasal aspirator and his temperature never goes above 37.5 - when is it necessary to see a doctor? I’m not sleeping as I'm terrified he won’t be able to breathe at night.

If any of these symptoms that last over three days you should see a doctor - this is what the NHS suggests.

However if you are worried before that, please see a GP earlier. If you are overly worried or concerned, 111 can also help.

Pregnant mum of 3

I am so sorry to hear your little one has a cold and cough. Poor bubba, he's so little too. So horrid to see them poorly. I can understand your worry.

If you are worried, I would take him to your GP. They are always more than happy to see a newborn! No harm in giving them a call and they can either see you or reassure you. Might be good to get them to have a look in his throat and check.