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I’ve been having trouble with my baby crying for hours, with a lot of wind and constipation, for a few days at a time. It takes a lot to calm baby down, and extra soothing is needed. Any tips?

Skin to skin contact always helps my little one. And in the bath!

If it’s going on for a while it may be worth seeing your GP as it could be reflux that your little one needs help with.

My little one got wind and constipation from his cow's milk allergy! We breastfeed so as soon as I stopped having dairy he was much better.

Pregnant mum of 3

A few things you could try…

- Keeping baby upright after feeds and try and get as much wind out as possible.

- Lying baby on his back and moving legs like bicycle legs, to try and get any wind out.

- Warm baths and baby massage.

If baby is in a lot of pain with wind, constipated and crying and not settling at all, I would speak to your midwife and just check it's not reflux. Mine didn’t have reflux but if baby is really upset, maybe get some support from your midwife/health visitor.

You can also message Katie, the nutritionist on here, she will be able to help you too.

Hi! My baby was exactly the same and we put it down to colic. We switch to anti-colic bottles and honestly within a few days he had completely stopped!