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I am 37 weeks pregnant and have given up work as I couldn't do it anymore but I'm finding it just as hard at home! Is anyone else in this situation and what helps you?

I relate to this! In my situation, my husband is gone for work a lot and he’s under a lot of work stress, so I pretty much manage everything at home. Before we had our son, I was working full time at a very demanding job AND managing the house - needless to say I was already burning out and we didn’t even have the baby yet.

Since baby, I decided not to go back to work even though we really needed the income. I had to learn to look at what I was doing at home as work. Like if I were to be paying for childcare, a cleaning service, grocery deliveries, nanny etc., that's what my work at home would be valued at!

It helped me feel like what I was doing around the house and with the baby was still as valuable as if I returned to my full time job. (This also helped my spouse see how much I’m doing at home, too, which helps our relationship.) I’ve also found ways to do work from home to bring in some income, too! Even bringing in a little bit each month also helps me feel better about having not returned to my job.

Whatever you decide to do work wise, just know it’s okay and important to value your household and childcare work as WORK. Because that’s what it is, and when I wasn’t thinking of it that way, I was feeling disappointed, exhausted, and like I’d never be able to keep up if I had to “work.”

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I know a lot of people who have struggled with this! Loads of people say ‘make the most of it’ but you want be out or being productive! Do you have anything you could get on with? Like some knitting or home DIY, up-cycling? Getting out for walks is good too.