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Mum of 2

I literally can’t get my little girl to read a book! She has one every week for school and she just has a meltdown when I try to read to her.

Hi! It can be super frustrating when your little ones don’t want to read with you. Please be patient with her. I would still read aloud by yourself and hopefully it will encourage her to come and nosey what you are doing.

You could also try reading to her in the bath! Sounds odd but they tend to concentrate more then.

When you pass signs or things with words on read them out loud with her and try and get excited about everything you read. Make them seem like they are funny.

Put books everywhere for her to see them all the time. It doesn’t have to be school books as that may push her away further.

Try reading at different times of the day. On an evening after school may be too much for her. Maybe try at breakfast.

Hope this helps.

Pregnant mum of 3

I wouldn’t put to much pressure on the school reading book. They are going through a big change with starting school. They haven’t been in for long. She will get into a rhythm and once they start reading more with her in school and I am sure she will become more willing.

Maybe you could go to a library or bookshop and ask her to choose a new book? Maybe ask her teddies if they would like to listen to a story.

What are her interests? Can you find some books about things she loves to bring the enjoyment for story time back?

I would say don’t put too much pressure on it.

Maybe you can make a cosy book corner in her room, with cushions, teddies and a blanket. I once put a teepee in the boys' bedroom with cushions and fairy lights and we used to read in there. They loved it.