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Has anyone else's six month old always moaning. She's become very clingy to only me. As soon as I walk out of a room she cries. I always reassure her that I'm coming back.

Obviously I don't leave her on her own - she's always with someone but she really cries. She constantly wants to get down and walk but clearly she can't just yet, but she gets in such a mood.

She will crawl for a little while and then become fed up and try and stand up to walk. She wants to get involved with everything, even to the point where she gets distracted drinking her bottle and then doesn't want it anymore, and then gets angry a little later because she's hungry. Does anyone have any advice or tips?

She will be more clingy now and panic when she can’t see you as around six months old is when separation anxiety starts.

It can be very stressful but it is a phase and she will grow out of it with time, all you can do is reassure her and if possible just involve her in all that you can.

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Your little one may be experiencing a little bit of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is very common and can start anytime from around six months. It is very natural for babies and toddlers to cry out for their main caregivers. This shows that you have both developed a very close bond.

If your little one is really distressed over your separation and this goes on for a long period of time, I would talk to your health visitor.

At this age they are becoming more aware of their environment. A few ideas to support your baby through these feelings of anxiety:

- You can leave your baby with someone really familiar to them for very short periods at a time. In time they will learn that mummy will go and come back. You can gradually work towards leaving for longer periods or in less familiar environments. Just take little steps.

- If baby is a little older, you can talk about it together. I think it is really important to be honest with your little one in order to develop a trusting relationship. Talk about what you are going to do together when you get home.

- Give them something familiar to reassure them, like a comforter, a special blanket, or teddy.

- Babies/toddlers will always sense your anxiety or tension. So no matter how you are feeling try and say a happy and confident goodbye to try and make it a positive goodbye.

Also, your little one is learning a new skill and this could be why she is a little bit moody and fussy. It is frustrating for them, they want to be able to do something but are just not quite there yet.

They do get very nosy and want to look around and get distracted whilst feeding. This will pass when she realises she actually wants her milk. You could try and feed baby in a quiet and calm place with no distractions for a little while. My little girl used to want to look at everyone and if someone else was in the room , she would just want to look at them🤣🤦‍♀️.