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My seven week old has got a bad cold. He's very congested, sneezing and coughing a lot. I have got saline nasal drops but is there anything else we can do to help him?

I had this same scenario with my son when he was two months old. First off, my heart goes out to you because I remember how hard that was. Just know, it’ll pass and it’ll get better. You’re strong, Mama.

Things that helped us through:

- FridaBaby cold care items! They have essential oils you can put in a bath, as well as a balm you can rub on their chest and wipes you can use to wipe their nose... they all have aromas that help clear the congestion that might be a part of the coughing. The snot sucker can help clear congestion if baby has any when waking, too.

- Humidifier in the nursery or any rooms you’re spending time with baby! The humidity in the air can help moisten a dry throat or nostrils. This was a BIG help!

- Try inclining baby as much as possible because laying flat can make cold symptoms worse. I built up one side of the crib mattress with towels underneath, or you could do books under the side of the head of the crib.

- I gave up the to do list and getting any work done those couple of weeks and just focused on me and baby resting and snuggling. It screwed up all the sleep training I had done, but snuggling baby in my arms while he slept helped console him so he’d sleep and I just got good at sleeping with him nestled in my arm - it helped both him and me get rest!

- He might be struggling with milk because swallowing is painful, so just do small increments when baby can tolerate it, knowing it’ll get better soon. It took a good 10 days for us, but every cold and immune system is different. My thoughts are with you and hoping for a quick recovery!

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