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Hiya, I am due in January. I live with my partner and we are still paying off a lot of debt. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do or benefits I can apply for in the UK? Has anyone been pregnant and struggled with debts at the same time?

I am thinking about going back to work when my baby is around three months or maybe six months. My partner works full-time. If I go back to work this early, we would put him in daycare. Has anyone else done this?

Any advice is welcome! Thank you!

Hi, hope you are well! Congratulations on your pregnancy. There are a few things you can apply for and it all depends on how much you both earn as a household.

You can apply for universal credit and a Sure Start Maternity Grant. You can do universal credit online and then the midwife will help you with Sure Start!

With debt it is awful, I am on a debt management plan to help me shift my university debt. I am with a company called Step Change, all online and they are super helpful! If you contact the national debt helpline they will go through all money owed with you and decide the best outcome for you and your partner!

Hope this helps.