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Does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of cradle cap?

Hi there! You can use any gentle oil really. So like olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil. And then gentle use a comn. Be really gentle as you don't want to pick or let it bleed. It's best to really soften it with the oil, so keep reapplying.

Pregnant mum of 3

Hello! Hope you are well. I've found the best way is washing baby's hair then brushing it through with a soft bristle brush.

I used to wash my little one's hair and, when the shampoo is on, use the brush gently.

Then when his hair was dry I popped some breast milk on (if you breastfeed) and brush it through again.

It cleared up within a week. You can get topical treatments too but I can’t recommend on them as I've never used them. Some recommend olive oil to loosen it up and brushing it then washing it.

If there are any red inflammed areas, leave them and get it checked by GP in case of infection. Don’t pick at it - super tempting to!

Hope this helps!

Mustela baby shampoo and the cradle cap scrubber/brush/comb set by Frida Baby! Worked wonderfully on my son! I used it every night at bath time.

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