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Mum of 1

So I’m a bit confused about my baby’s feeding. He is seven months old on SMA Pro 2 and having about six feeds a day. His bottles are six ounces but lately he isn’t finishing them and only has like three or four. He is still feeding every three hours in the day and at night still wakes for two bottles. Most mornings he will have Weetabix for breakfast and baby puffs for lunch but never wants his dinner.

He doesn’t actually eat that much food as he just isn’t interested and I know he is still hungry after drinking half the bottle but just won’t finish it. I’ve tried changing teats, which hasn’t worked. Does it sound like he may need to go on the extra hungry formula?

The number of feeds may be why he is not wanting his dinner but to be honest I only offered one or two meals when my children were his age anyway. As my little girl dropped another milk feed, I managed to offer more food. I breastfed but I generally offered four feeds a day and also feeds through the night.

So, I had a wake up feed at 7am, one after nap at 11am, then after nap at 2.30pm then another at 6.15pm. I would try and offer breakfast about 8.30am (ish). I slowly dropped the 11am feed and gave food and then topped up with milk if needed. Then by eight months old, I gave a supper at about 4.30 or 5pm. Everyone’s routines are different, I am just sharing mine to give you an idea.

I hope this helps a little.

Pregnant mum of 3

Please don’t use hungry baby formula without the guidance of a health visitor. Babies' tummies are tiny so it may seem he’s not taking much but he will be for his appetite! Have you tried giving him the milk in a sippy cup?