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Mum of 2

Any ideas on how I can get my four year old to read books? Obviously with me reading to her! She used to love reading but now when I mention it she says she doesn’t want to. But she has to because she has books from school.

Have you tried to take her book shopping? Let her choose a few books to get her more interested or go to a library?

Maybe try reading a book yourself in front of her, even if it's one of hers, as kids tend to copy so she might pick up on it.

Or just ask the school?


Maybe you could try a telling her a bit of the story and get her all excited and say to her that she has to help read to finish the story.

Don’t make a huge fuss of her not wanting to read but just keep encouraging it. Also, ask her teacher for advice as starting school can be a bit overwhelming. She may just get used to it soon.