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Mum of 1

We are putting our almost six month old into his own room and we have noticed he will go down to sleep okay, but he keeps waking up more often than normally and being really upset. It seems as if he's scared.

Can they be scared at this age? Any advice on how to help him?

My little one was like this. We got him an Ollie the Owl. It starts playing white noise when he cries which helps!

It can be scary for them waking and not seeing you. Maybe a night light could help as well so he can see his surroundings.

Pregnant mum of 3

Bless him. Are you putting him in his cot awake or asleep? They become aware of their environments at this age. If he falls asleep in your arms, he will cry out for you if he is not in your arms when he wakes.

Try and spend some time playing in his room so it becomes really familiar to him.

If you can pop him in his cot when he is awake (when he's sleepy but not asleep). So, he is aware of where he is falling asleep.

Is he napping in the cot too?