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I'm wondering how and when to start weaning my little boy onto cow's milk for his day time feeds. He is breastfed on demand at the moment. I still want to breastfeed him morning and night but when he starts nursery I'm not sure I'll be able to pump what he needs. He's 11 months this week.

So, they normally say cow's milk from 12 months. When does he start nursery? Can you breastfeed until you make the transition at 12 months? You could carry on breastfeeding at night and offer cows milk in day.

Pregnant mum of 3

My little boy started nursery at 11 months and I wasn't able to pump enough (and didn't want to either). I continued to breastfeed at home and he had formula at nursery. Nursery wouldn't give cow's milk until he turned one years old. He didn't drink much of the milk while he was there but made up for it with me on the days he wasn't there.