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My baby has been showing signs of teething this week and also has diarrhoea. Has anyone else experienced it with teething? It says online that it's a myth.

Yes! I’ve heard people say it’s a myth too, however when my son was in the toughest days of his teething he would sometimes have some diarrhoea and a low grade fever. I asked my sister about it - she is a family physician - and she confirmed that she hears this reported a lot from moms with teething babies. So whether it’s considered a 'myth' or not, it’s very common and usually completely normal. I’d say if the diarrhea continues for more than a day or two though to check with your pediatrician.

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Hi there, a lot of people say that when their child is teething they have diarrhoea too, but I don't think there is any evidence supporting this. I think it is possible that when children are teething it coincides with the time of weaning though, so maybe that's it. If diarrhoea goes on for a few days, I would mention to GP.