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Anyone experienced non-typical pregnancy symptoms? I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my first and haven’t been sick once. I have had constipation, diarrhoea, and vulvar varicosities.

I’ve found that there is little understanding or empathy from society, including family, friends, and workplace. I’m needing more than just time to go be sick. I need specialist equipment to ease pain, and I am just finding little actual support from anyone including midwifes and doctors. I was even told at one point to google a solution. anyone got any advice?

I don’t have a support network before that gets suggested. My partner is autistic and it makes things really difficult. I’m basically living alone and have no one to help me.

I didn’t have any symptoms either until my third trimester. All the symptoms you have got I had but they soon passed. It's all normal.

With regards to your work place I would speak to HR about the way you have been treated. Family and friends will come and go doing your pregnancy unfortunately. Everyone thinks they know best but they don’t. I would be asking for an second opinion from the healthcare professionals if you are not happy.