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Has anyone ever experienced varicose veins on the outer labia? Also known as vulvar varicosities?

I’ve got it and been given nothing for relief or advice on support, other than to rest and elevate my feet. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and a month ago was told I’m at risk of developing pre-eclampsia.

How can I cope with this? I almost fainted going to the supermarket today.

I am sorry to hear you are suffering with varicose veins. I suffered with this through may last two pregnancies and the latter being the worst.

I was like you, I was only told to elevate my legs. So, if I ever got an opportunity I would put my feet up… easier said than done, and gentle walking and not standing still for too long.

Are you able to get supermarket deliveries? Have you got people around you to support you? Use your support network as much as possible. I think it is really important for you to rest as much as you can.

Pregnant mum of 3