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First tooth coming through! Any tips?

I've just had first and second tooth with my little boy.

Anbesol, calpol, massage gums and we moved to chilled milk (ready made liquid) as he went off warm milk.

Teething toys help to a degree, but I have literally kept him dosed up. Rusks are good for them to chew on, as is cold cucumber and carrot sticks.

Pregnant mum of 3

Aw, first tooth can be painful. There are a few things you can try…

- Teething granules

- Teething toys- Sophie le Giraffe and matchstick monkey

- Anbesol teething gel

- Some people have used doTERRA essential oils for children

- Calpol

- Teething toys that go in a fridge

- A cold wet muslin to chew on

- Some people use amber bracelets