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Pregnant mum

When is it okay to introduce a dummy? The packaging says zero to three months but online guidance says not before four weeks if you're breastfeeding, which I am.

I gave my son a dummy for a day (he is eight days old) but have been scared to give it since after reading online that this isn’t ok. I’m a solo mum and I have to be able to settle my baby on his own so I can make a cup of tea!!

Can someone please let me know when it’s ok to introduce the dummy?

My son is 10 days old, I was literally in the same situation. Don’t believe anything Google says honestly!

I asked my midwife as he won't settle at night without sucking, whether it be my nipple or a dummy, she said just to give him a dummy! The only reason they say not to give a dummy is because it can possibly interfere with their latch but I was told he should be fine! Hope that helps.

Pregnant mum