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Pregnant mum

My eight month old baby has been drinking Cow & Gate formula milk but this morning he had half of it and then was bringing it up again as liquid. This is the first time this morning it's happened and it's horrible to see him like that. Do you think it's the change of the formula? Can anyone give me advice?

Try not to panic. He may have gulped in some air and as it was making its way up and brought the milk up with it, I would say. It happens to my little boy occasionally.

I was also told when I was worried before that it looks like a far bigger amount coming up than it actually is too.


Our baby did every single time but she had it from birth, so we had to change her to an anti-reflux formula pretty early on. My guess would be that if he has been drinking it for eight months it might have just been a one off but keep an eye on it.