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I'm 28 weeks pregnant. It's become so difficult being a twin pregnancy. I have a small number of friends but I find it really hard to be brutally honest about how I'm feeling/struggling.

My main support was my mum and I was so used to having her. I don't feel I can be as open to anyone else without judgement etc. My sister has children too and her own struggles so I don't like putting the full extent of how I'm struggling onto her.

I get the impression people find me very negative. I'm not, I just find it very hard dealing with poor mental health on a daily basis, so I tend to not be completely honest. And going off previous experience, being judged etc., it's not easy to be open about how I feel.

Yes I can understand that. Especially friends and family- they can be opinionated, biased, and judgemental and that definitely doesn't help. I'm fortunate that I have friends and family, however I still feel alone for this reason and find myself talking to absolute strangers which is far better, I find.