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My little one is rolling around like crazy but doesn't sit himself up. He can if you hold one of his hands for him. He's really strong on his legs too. He nearly had crawling down but not quite there yet. He's 10.5 months though - should I be worried?

That is great your little one is rolling around. Sounds like he will be on the move soon. They will master these skills in their own time and in their own unique way.

It sounds like your little one will be sitting himself up soon. Can he sit in a sitting position if you put him in a sitting position?

So, my little boy never crawled. He learnt to shuffle on his bottom and didn’t walk until he was 18 months. He is no different to his peers now in terms of gross motor skills like walking and running.

I can understand it can be worrying when you see others children doing different skills. Hope you are all ok.

Pregnant mum of 3