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Should my baby have a small pillow under his head when he sleeps rather than sleeping flat? He is three weeks old and can get very grumbly when I try to settle him after a feed.

It’s recommended not to give them a pillow until they’re over one due to the SIDS risk. I just thought I’d let you know because I didn’t know either and someone told me and I was horrified (the person who told me wasn’t very nice).

I always used to carry my baba round after being fed when he was that age, it brought all the gas up and then he slept for longer when I placed him down.

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Babies should sleep flat as there's a risk of SIDS. This is always what is said when researching myself, so I don’t think it is worth the risk.

Babies should not have a small pillow under their head until they're about two years of age due to the risk of SIDS.

If your little one is not settling well after a feed, maybe keep him upright on you, burping him for a bit longer before you put him in cot.

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