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I feel my six and a half month old is teething and I need help! It’s always on and off - is that normal? His cheeks are all red and his ears are too, bless him. It’s been like this for a few weeks now where I think he’s teething and then it stops!

Poor bubba. Yes, this is absolutely normal. I remember with my first I thought he was teething and then it took ages for the tooth to pop. I think they can have sore gums for a while. My little girl has been suffering for a couple of weeks on and off too and today I could see a tiny slit in her gum for the first time. Tooth still hasn’t appeared. Some pop up quickly and some take a little longer. Some babies really suffer and some you barely notice.

Have you got some teething toys? A few options...

1. Teething granules

2. Sophie le Giraffe

3. Amber bracelets

4. Teething bracelets

5. Teething toys you can put in the freezer

I hope this helps a little!

Pregnant mum of 3