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Mum of 2

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a six month old rocking their head back and forth and to the side a bit, like if you were head banging to rock music haha.

I've noticed it over the last week. My first child never did it, but she doesn't seem like she's in pain.

She does it when standing up (with support) but I don't know whether it's normal.

My nephew used to do this and the health visitor told my sister there were loads of reasons it could be.

The main reason was boredom, it's usually a phase that will pass. She advised not to react to it and just allow it to pass. It could also be them sensory-seeking (not in an autistic way) but the same way they enjoy playing with water etc.

Do you ever notice him looking out of the window in the car or anything? It usually gives them the same sensory experience. Hope this helps.