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The four month sleep regression is here! My little one is ok(ish) overnight but day naps are terrible. We averaged about 10 mins a nap today. He is 16 weeks and he naps around four or five times a day but mostly all cat naps! How can I consolidate his naps? He currently only sleeps for long periods on me. If I put him down he wakes up after 10 mins.

Hi there! I'm guessing that you breastfeed, right? My son (my first baby) that breastfeeded exclusively used to be like that... The things I tried and I can tell worked were:

1. Keep him longer in my arms (boob free) and wait for him to feel safe and fall asleep and then place him down, usually into a nest.

2. Feed him and then before he falls asleep, I would give him to my husband. Inoticed that the times that my husband put him to bed, we had a much more successful nap!

I hope that somehow might help.