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I have a nearly five month old who sleeps through the night 7-6.30pm with a dream feed at 11pm. However, she only cat naps throughout the day for half an hour at a time. She seems happy enough and not grumpy or tired throughout the day. But how can I extend nap time? Especially midday nap?

Well done with your night sleeping.

So, with your daytime naps, do you put her to bed awake?

At this age a babies sleep cycle is around 45 minutes. Babies start to wake more frequently at night and have shorter naps as they become more aware of their environment and will cry out for you more. We can support babies in linking their sleep cycles by putting to bed before they get overtired

To help with these transitions, you could look at their awake window, which will vary slightly for every baby. It is around an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes for a four to five month old. So, if you put them in their bed before they get to the end of their awake window, and before they become overtired, this can help your baby to self settle. You will get a rough idea of when your baby is getting tired with a few signs. If that is at one hour and 30 minutes, you could put them in bed a little bit before this time.

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