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Just looking for some advice on baby proofing a problem area! My little girl has just started to crawl around and is like a magnet to the fireplace! We have a log burner which currently we’ve not had on, but it would be so dangerous for her if she fell into it or anything I don’t even want to think about it!

But I am really struggling to find anything other than a fire guard to help, as I’m not sure it will be of much use as she is also pulling herself up on everything. We thought to fix it and drill it into the wall, but I know that the guard will get so hot!

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Currently the set up is just loads of pillows over the hearth & watching her like a hawk! Not ideal long term.

Thank you in advance.

I understand your worry. Once they are off, there is nothing stopping them. My youngest has just started moving!

So, you could get a fire guard like you suggested, they shouldn’t overheat. You can get ones that sort of corner off the area or box ones that kind of go on top.

You could corner off the area, a bit like having a play pen, but the log burner is inside the pen. Have a google, there are so many different types.

Also, for any sharp edges you can get edge protectors… like little bumpers. We had these on a few sharp corners.

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