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Pregnant mum

I'm really worried as I had my baby's five day check today and the midwife said he's lost 7.18% of his birth weight. I'm really worried as I'm breastfeeding. Is he getting enough and will he put weight back on? He's feeding every three to four hours and has lots of wet and dirty nappies. But when he's feeding he will get lazy after about 15 minutes.

How big was your baby when he was born? Usually, the bigger the baby, the more weight they lose after birth. If your baby was on the small side, then you would have more to be concerned about just to make sure he's getting enough nourishment.

You could try undressing him so he's colder, which will keep him awake to eat. Have you worked with a lactation consultant? They could come in after feeding to make sure he's getting enough each time. Your midwife should be able to recommend some or there could be some through your local hospitals.

If he has enough wet and dirty diapers per day that is also a really good sign. It can take even up to a couple weeks for your milk to come in fully. Are you feeding on demand? You could also wake him to feed every two to three hours to try to get in more calories during the day.