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Pregnant mum

I'm experiencing third trimester evening nausea- it doesn’t feel like it’s stomach acid and I have monitored my blood pressure and blood sugar and thyroid, all normal.

Is this something anyone else has experienced? Is this just one of those things? Or should I ask for something else to be checked?

I often felt sick in my third trimester because all my organs were up under my ribs so digestion was all messed up! Especially at the end of the day when it’s all built up - do you find it’s after eating?

Pregnant mum
Mum of 2

I had nausea through both of my pregnancies. My second one I ended up on tablets for it. With my first I found it was certain things I ate that made it worse, and I ended up having to cut out most foods towards the end. It was ok - and acupuncture helped.