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Mum of 1

Mamas, how has everyone gone about starting to lose any baby weight?

I was super lucky I was mostly all baby but I do feel a bit ‘squishy’ at the moment and I've noticed because I’m trying to eat quickly, I’m constantly eating sandwiches and crisps. First time mum and still feeling a bit confined to the house at the moment, weathers turned and things still aren’t fully open yet in terms of classes (baby is six weeks and hubby has been back at work for two weeks almost so still finding my feet i suppose).

Ohhh mama, give your body time. Your body took nine months to stretch and create a human. You are only six weeks postpartum. Give it time to heal. Think of it as another nine months.

Nourish youself with wholesome food. This company has amazing postpartum meals https://www.readysteadyglow.uk/ too!

Mum of 1