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Mum of 1

I’m having some issues with my pelvic floor. Since I had my son I can’t really do anything without peeing myself, that includes running, jumping, coughing, sneezing, sometimes even laughing. Is this normal?

The best thing you can do is start doing your pelvic floor exercises.

Try sitting in a chair upright (as in not leaning back). Imagine stopping yourself passing wind so you feel the back passage lift. Then focus on the lift moving forwards towards your vagina. And then relax the muscles back down.

You should feel lifting within and the relaxation is as important as the lift. Your bum and inner thighs should be relaxed, and try to count out loud to encourage breathing.

You may only get a flicker of activity if your pelvic floor is very weak. But keep trying and soon it will get stronger.

Do short fast strong lifts up and then relax back down. Then try longer 50% holds.

The pelvic floor is 70% endurance muscles so the longer lifts are very important. Progress to standing and lunging to ensure the pelvic floor is strong in all positions.

Octavia, Tinto Expert