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Mum of 2

I’m almost four months postpartum and up until this point have been feeling okay but recently I’ve been getting so emotional and angry about everything. At the time I feel like my anger is valid but afterwards I feel so much guilt.

I’m not sure if I’m experiencing PPD, or general mum rage, or if I’m just messed up in the head and need some professional help. Reading the symptoms of PPD I feel like I don’t match a lot of the criteria, I don’t feel overwhelmed really and I’m happiest when I’m with my baby.

I’m just struggling to understand why I feel so so angry a lot of the time and why little things end up being huge things, particularly with my partner. Hoping you can point me in some kind of direction. Thank you.

Sometimes anger can creep up on mums postpartum and figuring out why it is occurring can have to do with whether you are getting your needs met. For example, are you getting the support you need? The alone time to recharge? A bit of exercise, adequate sleep, and nutrition?

If you notice one or more need that isn’t being met, pick one and work on that and then move on to the next. If you try too many things at once it will likely become frustrating.

I hope that helps a bit. Keep in touch and let me know how things go.

Jodi, Tinto Expert