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Hey there, I am really struggling with sleep at the moment.

I am a very light sleeper so I have moved into our spare room. But every night since five weeks (now 15 weeks) I have woken up throughout the night, often needing to get up, eat, go to the loo. From about 4am I just cannot get back to sleep. I have tried apps, meditation, everything. My Fitbit shows I haven’t been getting any deep sleep. I’m so tried! The nausea I feel at night and early morning is so strong. I’ve also tried eating just before I go to sleep which keeps me from having to go and make something to eat, but I am still wide awake.

Help! Tips very welcome.

Hi, I had similar issues when pregnant with my little girl!

What helped me a lot was as you said eat something light before bed and have a nice warm tea with milk and some honey just before bed. Also switching off any TV and phones about an hour before bed or a warm bath/shower can help you calm down and get you ready for bed.

Have you tried aromatherapy? I’m not an expert but I had a diffuser while pregnant and after and was using different drops each night to calm me down and I feel like that could help you. Good luck and let me know if any of these worked for you!