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Pregnant mum of 1

Swelling! I'm 40 weeks today and I've had noticeable swelling in hands, feet and legs overnight. Is that normal at this stage? I think my face looks a little puffy too. I never got this far with my first so it's new.

Hi, I would get it checked out. By 40 weeks everything is BIG! I remember that! But sudden swelling should probably be checked out. I went right up to 42 weeks with my daughter and I swear I was at the hospital every day in the end! Good luck!

Mum of 1
Pregnant mum of 2

Hi! How are things now? Are they any better?

I would call your midwives and tell them in the first instance as I would imagine they would want to see you. It can be quite common to have swelling but when it comes on so quickly it’s important to get it checked out. Hope you’re feeling well otherwise.