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Pregnant mum of 3

Breastfeeding pains! My little girl is five months old. Suddenly, I find myself in a lot of pain with hard lumps and a blister spot on nipple. I have had mastitis before and am so worried it will go this way. I have used hot flannels, hot showers, fed baby in different positions. The hard lumps are not going and it is so painful feeding. Any tips? I can’t get to a health visitor or doctor as it’s bank holiday. I had to wake baby last night to feed because of the pain and was worried about the milk building up.

Hi I would suggest you contact the Breastfeeding Network. I was put in contact with a peer supporter after giving birth, and have found them really helpful with any issues I've had. Their website also has a lot of information available that you might find helpful.

I'm sorry I can't offer anymore personal information as I'm still quite new to breastfeeding myself.

There also the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212 and https://www.breastfeedingnetwork.org.uk/contact-us/

Mum of 2
Pregnant mum of 2

Hey lovely! Sounds awful! How long has it been going on for?

Have you tried kneading the breast to try and pop the lumps?! That’s what I used to do and eventually the milk would start coming again. You’re doing all the right things with the heat, compression, showers and feeding through it.

Have you got a fever? Make sure you get antibiotics if you get a fever or feel dizzy.