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My 11 week old will only nap on me or in the car! Any ideas on how I can get her to nap in her basket?

Do you have a nest? Try and heat up the bed/nest for your little one with a hot water bottle. Remove the hot water bottle before putting them in, and be careful so it not too hot before you put the baby down.

Mum of 1
Mum of 1

I think this is very normal, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

It’s fine for baby to continue having naps like this if that’s what suits you and your family. If you want a break though (understandable!) then perhaps introduce the crib gradually. Wait until she’s asleep on you then transfer her. Do it very slowly so she (hopefully) doesn’t feel a sudden change which might wake her.

Apparently some babies feel comfiest being put down on their side first then being rolled onto their backs, or if their head touches the mattress first, or their feet. Experiment with how to lower her into the crib, but remember safety guidelines say that she should be on her back once in the crib.

Some people suggest wearing the sheet for a while under your clothes (or putting a little breast milk on it if you are breastfeeding) before it goes in the crib so that it smells of you.

If baby is gassy or has a cold then you could also try raising the head end of the crib an inch or so to see if that helps. Also try to keep baby’s temperature consistent when transferring her, so rock her to sleep in her blanket/sleeping bag on you and keep it on her when you transfer her so she doesn’t get cold. You could also consider warming the sheet beforehand so it feels cosy (but not too hot!)

Another suggestion is to introduce your baby to the crib while she’s awake - even having playtime in it - so that your baby has positive associations with it and feels safe and secure there.

These are just a few ideas, all centred around the fact that babies prefer sleeping in their parents’ arms because that’s where they feel safest, so the aim is to try to make the sleeping environment as cosy and safe/welcoming to baby as possible too (while still remembering safety guidelines eg. no choking hazards etc.).